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A Level Resources

Over the course of my teaching career I have written various revision sheets for my students at both of the schools I have taught at. I don't agree with the philosophy of cramming close to the exam, but students will be students, and I wanted mine to have a document that they could refer to the night before to ensure that they knew all the required information for the exam.

Inevitably when writing them I have had in mind the set who were going to use them. If I have had a weaker set, then I have possibly been a little bit patronising in detailing even the 'obvious' points. If it was for a brighter set then I have sometimes dwelt on the very subtle areas of the course and skimming over the 'obvious'. If you think anything is very poorly explained, incomplete or (worse) wrong, please drop me a note to let me know.

They are written for the specified exam board, but they should be useful for any board including OCR, EdExcel, MEI, AQA but the user must beware and use at their own risk.

The following are up-to-date with the current OCR syllabus:

ALL OCR REVISION SHEETS IN ONE! (I wouldn't print this out...over 100 pages)
OCR C1 (Core 1) Revision Sheet
OCR C2 (Core 2) Revision Sheet
OCR C3 (Core 3) Revision Sheet
OCR C4 (Core 4) Revision Sheet
OCR FP1 (Further Pure 1) Revision Sheet
(3x3 matrix inverter is here)
OCR FP2 (Further Pure 2) Revision Sheet

OCR FP3 (Further Pure 3) Revision Sheet
OCR M1 (Mechanics 1) Revision Sheet
OCR M2 (Mechanics 2) Revision Sheet (very incomplete)
OCR M3 (Mechanics 3) Revision Sheet (non existent)
OCR M4 (Mechanics 4) Revision Sheet (non existent)
OCR S1 (Statistics 1) Revision Sheet
OCR S2 (Statistics 2) Revision Sheet
OCR S3 (Statistics 3) Revision Sheet
OCR S4 (Statistics 4) Revision Sheet (incomplete)
OCR D1 (Decision 1) Revision Sheet (incomplete)

At my previous school I wrote the following for the MEI syllabus:

MEI C1 (Core 1) Revision Sheet
MEI C2 (Core 2) Revision Sheet
MEI C3 (Core 3) Revision Sheet
MEI C4 (Core 4) Revision Sheet
(little bits missing)
MEI S1 (Statistics 1) Revision Sheet

Other Documents
(of varying usefulness)

Lines Summary Sheet
Differentiation From First Principles

Integration From First Principles
(not on any syllabus, but important IMHO)
Sequences & Series Summary
Induction Introduction
(not well concluded at all)
Integration Summary Sheet
Proof That Root 2 Is Irrational
Proof That e Is Irrational
Proof That The Two Forms Of Scalar Product Are Equivalent
Proof Of Heron's Formula
Proof S Squared Is Biased
Calculating sum of 1 over n squared
Hypothesis Testing Introduction
Hypothesis Testing Template
Mortgage Repayment Formula Derivation